Apply for incubation

Criteria for Consideration
The Climate Innovation Centre (CICI) may provide support (financial and non-financial) to South African entities, including higher education institutions, publicly financed R&D institutions, and consortia engaged in the development and commercialisation of innovative climate adaptation and mitigation projects.
• Implementation of the projects must be in the Gauteng Province, South Africa
• Projects must be beyond idea phase, preferably at proof of concept or have been demonstrated in a small scale pilot.
• When compared to existing technologies, or solutions, the projects must be competitive and demonstrably contribute towards addressing climate change issues and a greener province.
• Projects that contribute towards enhancement of awareness of climate change in underdeveloped communities will also be considered.
• Overriding investment criteria:
i) Innovative Technology: CIC is explicitly established to support clean technology innovation. The technology must be new in South Africa, and could thus have been implemented elsewhere in the world.
ii) Job creation: the commercialisation of the project should demonstrably result in the creation of sustainable good quality jobs.
iii) Skills Development: the implementation of the project should contribute towards skills development in the green economy. The application must detail the extent of capacity development and skills transfer.
iv) Economic Growth and National Benefit: the applicant must detail how the implementation of the project will contribute to economic growth and socio-economic development, with an emphasis on Gauteng and South Africa.
v) Sustainability: the applicant must demonstrate sustainability of the project, and the extent to which it is commercially viable.
vi) Project Team Profile: the applicant must demonstrate the project team’s ability to successfully implement the project, with clear indication of the BBBEE rating of the project team, involvement of communities as well as plan to achieve level 3 BBBEE over the duration of the project, where this is not the case. No support is provided to individuals.